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10,000 times higher Dispersion Power – The crucial competitive Advantage in Lacquer and Paint Production

Online seminar from 2020 in collaboration with Paint & Coatings Industry Magazine in English by Dr Hans-Joachim Jacob. Register now and get access to the talk:

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Dispersion is the core of lacquer and paint production. The better the dispersion, the higher the efficiency of the dispersed ingredients in the final coating. With a novel technology, ystral machines have started to displace traditional High-Speed Dissolvers and even Bead Mills. The combination of vacuum and high shear, concentrated in a very small dispersion zone is the key. Particles are dispersed in a completely different way: Vacuum expansion singularizes the particles on their way through the high shear zone and disperses them instantaneously and completely with the maximum expanded liquid surface. The Dispersion takes place under 1,000 times higher shear rate and 10,000 times higher specific dispersion power. The results are short process time, low energy consumption and low temperature increase, highest quality dispersions, significant savings in costs, raw materials, labor and floor space.